Market Industry


Engine & Exhaust

Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

Pearwalk Engineering was born out of the requirements of some of the world's largest OEM engine manufacturers and their need to accommodate vibration isolation and equipment protection solutions. We have supplied products for all aspects of diesel and gas engine design, and continue to value and support this industry with our work both on and off engine, including manifold compensators, air charged systems, turbocharger inlets and outlets, cooling water systems, and engine take off and duct lines.

CHP is recognised to be the most energy efficient method of transforming energy from fossil fuels or biomass into electric power. Cogeneration plants are commonly used in the in thermal production processes. Pearwalk Engineering offer the complete package of products to CHP installers worldwide from on-engine bellows, take-off double or single expansion joints, cooling water or air rubber bellows and ducting stainless steel thermal expansion joints in all sizes from 50mm ND to typically 600mm ND.

Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Power Generation

HVAC system design is a subdiscipline of mechanical engineering, based on the principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer. At Pearwalk Engineering we offer the complete HVAC system expansion joint solution including: advice on correct installation and maintenance, site surveys of rubber bellows and expansion joints, technical appraisals, anticipated service life expectancy, recommended spares schedules, and expansion joint theory seminars.

Having supplied product and bellows design expertise to most of the largest power generation organisations worldwide, our Thermosel brand products have become trusted components of the following applications: bled steam and condenser pipework, boiler feeds, heater drains, steam diffusers, boiler penetration seals, pass-in sections and replacement turbine crossover systems. Our Thermosel repair and rectification service is ideally suited for power station outages and fast turnaround requirements.



Oil & Petrochemical

At Pearwalk Engineering we specialise in all aspects of marine engineering from simple main engine and generator bellows expansion joints, to deck steam and highly sophisticated LPG & LNG gas line bellows in stainless and alloy grades. With an onsite test-to-destruction rig for bellows proof testing, we have continuously provided reliability in design and performance to this valued industry.

Pearwalk Engineering have supplied specialist equipment for the following applications: steam main assemblies, blast furnace coolers, off-take expansion joints, hot air systems, dome expansion joints, continuous annealing lines, slab re-heats and soaking pits. We also have an in-house specialist machine shop for Tuyere stock repair and the supply of products for new plants.

Our team have designed and supplied products for a multitude of applications including: high pressure gas lines, flare lines, compressor systems, storage tanks, fire pump systems, filtration systems, hot oil systems, flow transducers, acid/alkali storage & piping, refrigerant systems and deck transfer lines both onshore and offshore. Our hydroformed bellows are ideally suited for the most arduous applications this industry can provide.

Case Study

Gas & Diesel Generation Sets

Our customer requested an economical, volume based, design solution. Our research and design team came up with a new product range which increased lateral bellows movement performance and minimised the necessity for welds.


Case Study

Diesel Engine Design & Development 

Our design engineers developed new tooling arrangements with the V Flange flare for an on-engine diesel exhaust manifold expansion joint. The new design outperformed the existing design and provided our client with a substantial cost benefit.


Case Study

Toyota Car Plant, Burnaston

Providing advice on the application and installation of articulated expansion joints, Pearwalk Engineering drafted recommendations and supplied a full design service to the Toyota Car plant in Burnaston, Derbyshire.