Thermosel Expansion Joints


About Thermosel:

The Thermosel name has been synonymous with expansion joints throughout the industrial world for over 50 years. Thermosel metallic expansion joints were exclusively designed for the first British nuclear power stations in the early sixties. Today Thermosel's wide range of expansion joints and applications are widely used in a variety of industries.

Our expansion joints are manufactured from various grades of stainless steel, and a wide variety of nickel alloys depending on their working environment. The bellows convolutions are produced by hydraulically forming or mechanically rolling the desired profile from a tube which consists of one or more plies of material. After forming, end connections are welded to the bellows, and various types of restraint devices added to control the amount and direction of movement can be fitted during the production process if desired. In most applications internal sleeves are incorporated to streamline the flow and protect the convolutions.


Typical Process Media: Exhaust of Flue Pipework, Water Systems, Gas Systems - LPG, Natural Gas, Nirtogen, Oxygen, Air, Chemical, Vaccum.




Double Axial (UNRESTRAINED) 

Single Tied (RESTRAINED)

Expansion joints designed to absorb axial movement from thermal expansion and contraction of pipework.

Expansion joints with two sets of convolutions, capable of absorbing axial and lateral movement. 

Expansion joints with tie bars to restrain the pressure thrust and permit limited lateral deflection.


Double Tied (RESTRAINED)

Single Hinge (RESTRAINED)

Double Hinge (RESTRAINED)

Two sets of convolutions with tie bars to restrain the pressure thrust and permit limited lateral deflection. 

Expansion joints that permit angular rotation in a single plane, restraining thrust from internal pressure.

Two hinge type expansion joints in one unit absorbing lateral deflection in a single plane. 


Single Gimbal (RESTRAINED) 

Double Gimbal (RESTRAINED) 

Expansion joints designed to contain generated pressure thrust, permitting angular rotation in any plane.

Two gimbal expansion joints in one unit permitting angular rotation in any plane.