Who We Are

Pearwalk Engineering is a multi-faceted engineering company focused on the design and production of expansion joints.

We offer both standard and bespoke solutions to designers, engineers and end users alike to accommodate the most complex challenges. Our team of highly skilled engineers can help solve the majority of problems and provide solutions for applications involving expansion joints, exhaust silencer and exhaust manifold systems, as well as having general stainless steel fabrication capabilities.

We have developed an international reputation for the design, manufacture and supply of expansion joints widely used in the oil, petrochemical, power generation, steel, marine, diesel engine and mineral processing industries. Our head office is located in the UK and our Thermosel® expansion joints can be assembled and stocked in mainland Europe, South Africa and Singapore to service growing requirements worldwide.


The Thermosel® standard product range was originally launched and designed to service the power stations of the 1960's. To date, our standard product range has continued to develop and services clients all over the globe. A recognisable trademark endorsed by leading manufacturers worldwide, the Thermosel® brand name has become synonymous with quality expansion joints.

Pearwalk Engineering's Project Timeline

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First Thermosel® products launched.

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The Thermosel® convolution profile proof tested to destruction and industry conformance standards with the support of MB & Lloyds.

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Mirrlees Blackstone appoint Thermosel® as their main engine bellows supplier - the first major contract award.

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Represented on the committee to establish BSMA 9 for marine application pipework.

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Tioxide Europe selects Thermosel® Expansion joints for plant refurbishment.

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Represented on the Committee to establish British Standard BS 6129 Part 1 1981.

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Thermosel® bellows used on the Castle Peak Power Station, Hong Kong.

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Major contract award GEC for the supply of Thermosel® expansion joints Guangdong Power Station, China.



Thermosel® bellows approved by Ove Arup & Partners for £275k contract at Toyota Car Plant, Derbyshire. Read more >>

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Alstom select Thermosel® Expansion Joints used on Black Point Power Station, Hong Kong.

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Port Talbot Steelworks Major Blast Furness select Thermosel® Expansion Joints as their sole bellows supplier.

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1997 - 1998

Gas Turbine Bellows developed for Hitachi & Solar Turbines.

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Pearwalk Engineering were appointed as the specialist bellows expansion joint manufacturers for transformer oil pipework lines for Eurotunnel.

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Major new design project.

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New production cell for OEM client for an 'On' engine bellows. Read more >> 

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Coradia Train contract Class 175 & 180



Thermosel® bellows are selected for the Hadron Collider for European Nuclear Research Institute.

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SPX award major £250k contract to Thermosel® for European Power Station.

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New machining facility upgrade and the introduction of Repair & Refurbishment Facility at Furness Vale headquarters. 



Pearwalk Bellows selected for Conoco Humberside Cam-Shell Repair. Read more >> 

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Major supply contract for Thermosel® articulated compensators for the new Mecca Extension.