Pearwalk Engineering have developed an international reputation for the design, manufacture and supply of expansion joints widely used in the oil, petrochemical, power generation, steel, marine, diesel engine, and mineral processing industries.

We offer both standard and bespoke solutions to designers, engineers, and end users alike to accommodate the most complex challenges.

Our team of highly skilled application and design engineers can help solve the majority of problems and provide solutions for bellows expansion joints, exhaust silencer and exhaust manifold systems as well as having general stainless steel fabrication capabilities.

Bellows expansion joints are still recognised as the most cost effective solution to meet today's challenges. The problem of dimensional changes in pipelines on typical engine manifolds and process pipeline applications - due to thermal expansion, contraction, and higher process pressures and temperatures - has resulted in a requirement for precision engineered bellows. Today's modern design engineers and procurement specialists increasingly seek out convolution manufacturers in preference to expansion joint suppliers to facilitate and accommodate these demands.


Pearwalk Engineering work to the latest EJMA (Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association) industry standards and have developed convolution designs that combine safety, performance and economy. Convolution design is a compromise for pressure, temperature and movement involving convolution profile material thickness and number of plies. Material thickness and number of plies are ways of coping with changing demands and balancing the application without loss of flexibility. Pearwalk Engineering has developed a comprehensive range of multi-ply convolution options for a wide variety of applications. Combining EJMA standards with Pro Engineer design, our team of highly skilled in-house design engineers can reference drawings and standards from past experience which are second to none.


With our head office located in North West England, Pearwalk Engineering are a British manufacturing company with a comprehensive range of hydraulic, hydrostatic, cold rolling and cold expanding bellows convolution forming machines. It can also accommodate general fabrication and machining projects including CNC machining, vertical boring, radial drilling and general milling - up to 2 metres.

Having been expertly evaluated and designed by our highly experienced engineers, using the Pro-Engineer 3D solid modelling software, we offer a comprehensive range of metallic expansion bellows, metallic expansion joints and bellows assemblies in a wide range of stainless steels and alloy materials from 50mm (2") to 3000mm (120") nominal diameter.


Using batch traceable materials that comply with the latest British and European Standards, Pearwalk Engineering offer the highest quality products to meet the widest industry demands. Manufacturing to the latest EJMA and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) standards with TUV BS EN ISO 9001 approval, qualified coded welders and semi and fully automatic welding machinery onsite, the highest quality standards are consistently maintained.

Expansion joint assemblies are in general, air-leak or hydrostatic pressure tested to ensure integrity is maintained, and selected expansion joints are regularly subject to cyclic life testing. Quality and inspection are synonymous with our products and additional weld X-ray and dye penetrant testing can also be accommodated.

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